PowerAdm is a free (BSD License) and simple tool developed in Python to easily and quickly create an LPAR with their standards and deploy AIX Operating System using NIM Server.
PowerAdm uses a single configuration file and a simple menu/interface in text mode (Like a smitty).
Optionally there is an interface using VMware vCenter Orchestrator for creating LPAR (Logical Partition) and Deploy Operation System.

Principal features

Whoever manages an IBM Power environment through the Hardware Management Console (HMC) knows that it is an easy management interface to create LPARs but we can not say the same when talking about managing the devices IDs, such as virtual network, virtual fiber channel, virtual scsi, etc or managing information about the maximum and minimum memory and CPUs, physical devices, capped, uncapped, and so on.
The objective of this tool is to adopt a standard for IDs based on the LPAR ID and also to facilitate the LPAR creation with no need of expert knowledge, making it easier even for analysts without experienced skills in Power or operators.
Power Adm is a free and simple tool developed in Python to create LPARs easily, quickly and with their standards.
Something that we really consider the differential in this tool is the IDs organization.

In the future:

Latest release


IDs Structure / Organize your IDs

These IDs are well organized, assisting in the identification of devices, particularly in times of troubleshooting on environments with a large number of LPARs. These IDs also help managing the Live Partition Mobility. Therefore, if well organized, will always remain the same independent of the box.
For this, the following rules were established:
Every LPAR has a maximum number of virtual devices 40 and the following structure:
"VIOS" settings have the following default: Maximum number of virtual devices in the Primary VIO is 3500 and in the Secondary VIO 4500 allowing a total of 500 LPARs on this set of VIOS.
Other sample: If the maximum number of LPAR is 100 the number is changed to 3100 (VIO Primary) and 4100 (VIO Secundary)


Virtual SCSI IDs:
Fiber Channel IDs:






How is it developed?

It's developed using Python and uses some Shell Scripting. I'm a sysadmin not a developer so sorry if it is not looking great. Your help is important and kindly accept to improve the tool.
If you don't have an HMC and a Power to run tests, don't worry. I've an some code with simulation on createlparconf.py, newid.py. Directory simulation is available upon request.


This software is BSD License. Please more details in LICENSE file.
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This project is maintained by Kairo Araujo
Contributors: Bruno Costa, Fernando Costa, Raphael Paiva and Filipi Silva